Meet the Model: Tineka F

Meet the Model: Tineka F

Tell us a bit about yourself?

So I started modelling at 17 In the late seventies Iwas inspired by Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton and also Verushka who I had avidly followed growing up although as a child I always preferred horses !

My Mum Frances was a real fashion lover and looked rather like Audrey Hepburn she actually started modelling at 80 and has made quite a mark in the recent trend for older silver haired models !


What are your best beauty secrets?

1 healthy eating

2 Long walks and tennis with friends

3 Less is more !!


What top 3 things are always in your bag?


Natural Lip balm

Bottle of Water (in case I get stuck on the tube!)


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

I would choose The South of France - We holiday there every year and enjoy a healthy mix of partying but also cycling swimming and visiting brocantes / antiques markets



Favourite Food?

I am a vegetarian so my favourite food is something full of beans , tomatoes ,avocados and such


What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I love to play tennis with friends at my local tennis club where I sometimes play in the teams , or walking in the local countryside with my dog or coffees with friends

I also love to catch up with my children who are all grown up and live in Central London 

My oldest daughter Is a tv producer and my youngest a nutritionist plus my soon to be daughter in law Milou is also a very successful model

Brunch at the Mondrian is very popular place for us to meet



What was your favourite modelling job so far?

I actually love all my modelling jobs and I am lucky to be booked for a variety of genres From editorials with Rankin this February - barely clothed ,to fashion shows for Backup charity in March plus healthy lifestyle products where I am often sent something lovely to eat or drink

Or lifestyle photos with or without my husband on a bicycle this week.

My first big job was a campaign for Badedas where for several years I was photoed in a yellow 

towel in various fab cities and in the tv ad which became very well known 

At the moment I am on billboards all over the tube stations and in trains for a health ins company 

I just love the variety of it all and mixing with new people with different ideas and ages.



Any tips for anyone getting into the industry?

My tip for a youngster in the industry is :

Be true to yourself 

Don’t slather yourself in thick make up

Don’t engage in fillers and pumped up body bits

Keep your sense of humour 

Always have a back up plan ,

And remember it’s all about the product not about you!


Which Spice girl are you?

I am definitely a sporty spice!


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