Meet the Model: Tayo O

Meet the Model: Tayo O


Tell us a bit about yourself?

Born in London, went to boarding school in the countryside. I have a degree in Business with a Major in Finance, speak German French Italian and some Yoruba which is a Nigerian language. Love martial arts, movies and Art.

Who (or what) inspired you to become a model?

Ray Petri and the Buffalo Style pioneered by Ray Petri. 


What are you currently reading? A script for a new film. 

You recently featured in a movie, what was the experience like? I was thrilled to play my first lead role in a feature film. I was pushed to places I hadn't been before emotionally and learn a lot during the process, particularly from the leading lady Emily Haigh and director Ashish Wagh. 


Do you have a top secret skincare regime?

Mix wheatgerm oil with vitamin E cream. Makes a great moisturiser. 

What would your superpower be?

To do anything, any time anywhere. 


What are your top 3 life goals?

Play James Bond. Love & be loved. Enlighten people. 

Any tips for anyone getting into the industry?

Decide what you want to do then have lazer focus, don't listen to nay sayers, never give up till you get there, when you achieve them set new ones

You can follow Tayo on ig:  @tayo8


Check out Tayo's full profile here

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