Meet the Model: Emma C

Meet the Model: Emma C

Emma is 100% one of the hardest working gals in the biz; always busy, always super professional and always so much fun.

(Also she shares my passion for a glass of wine so that's probably why we get on so well.) We asked her a few questions about modelling & model life! 

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I'm a 30 year old model originally from Hertfordshire.  I graduated from Nottingham Trent university with a degree in Criminology.  I live in London now with my boyfriend and our beautiful but very needy cat called Lanky.  I spend my spare time cooking which I absolutely love. 

Who (or what?) inspired you to become a model?

I always wanted to be a model and i always wanted to be in sugar magazine ( Ha! So very 90s!) I did an event called kids on the catwalk in my junior school and the day i did that i knew modelling was for me. My sisters best friends mum ran it and let me pick my own outfits and I was so buzzing about the experience. I must have been no older than 8 or 9!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you move to? 

I'd love to live in Japan.  I visited a few years ago and fell in love with everything about it.

How would your best friend describe you?

Determined , loyal and always up for a cheeky glass of wine!

What are your best beauty secrets?

Simplicity is the key. Good sleep, lots of water. For me, conditioner , curl cremes and a good brush helps me with my hair.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Flying, definitely.  I love to feel free and i think that would be so liberating

What are you currently reading?

I usually read on holiday so my last book was a crime thriller called the Lady Killer. 

If you win the lottery, what would you do first? 

Probably go to my Nan's to tell her and take her out for dinner.


What are your top 3 life goals?

Might sound a bit cliche but i base my goals around what makes me truly happy. I love experiences and creating memories, so my goals are around this. I have so many small achievements i set myself to make the overall goal possible. My main focus is to have fun and work hard at what i love doing. 

1. Travel around the world

2. Do what i love with who i love

3. Laugh and smile every day.

What tips would you give someone entering the industry?

Don't pay thousands to anyone who says they can guarantee you a particular client or successful career. That's not how it works. 

Always research anyone you're about to send personal information to. 

Always have a nude bra and underwear in your bag for any job .Once you start modelling they will be essential! 

It's not about being the prettiest girl at the casting or having the biggest muscles. Your personality is so important, a client wants to know you're going to be easy to work with. 

Always be you, models come in all shapes and sizes. Don't change who you are. 

Be organised ! Last minute jobs happen all the time. I got a call to fly to South Africa on a Thursday, by friday i was on my flight. This only happened because i had my passport ready with more than 6 months left on it. 

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