Meet the Model: Adam G

Meet the Model: Adam G

Adam has an infectious smile and a boyish innocence. We spoke to him about his future plans to take over the modelling & tv world.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Adam Gibbs and I’m a model and presenter originally from Fleet in Hampshire. I moved to London 3 years ago after university to pursue my modelling work full time.


Who (or what) inspired you to become a model?

I went to Oxford University to study mathematics, and whilst there realised I needed a more creative “fun” outlet. I also needed an extra income (like any student!). I saw a casting online which wanted someone who could hold a natural looking smile for long periods of time. I thought to myself, hey, I’m a very smiley chap. I’ll give this a go.

I went along and got the part, and this first modelling job gave me my portfolio. I loved it so much, a full day where the requirement was to smile and relax - a little bit different to number crunching! I decided to pursue it further and get signed with my first agent. Ever since then things snowballed and I have found myself doing shoots for clients such as Ferrero and eBay, and recently walked the catwalks of London and Paris Fashion Weeks. It’s an absolute dream! 

What did you have for breakfast?

This morning I had wholewheat cereal and skimmed milk. Since some of the work I do is topless I try to keep my fats and sugars relatively low in order to maintain definition. This doesn’t mean i down pig out at least once or twice a week though.

What’s your favouring song/artist right now?

My favourite song right now is Fight Song by Rachel Platt. Working in modelling and also in the media is quite an uphill battle at a first, full of challenges and dry periods until you get going. I like songs that inspire you to keep fighting! 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

If I could live anywhere in the world it would still be London. I think I’m blessed to be in such a diverse and expansive city with so much opportunity. I always wanted to live here as a child and now I do. 

Do you prefer Ketchup/Mayo?

I prefer ketchup. Who doesn’t?


Who is your favourite photographer?

My favourite photographer is David Chatfield. He has a beautiful way of utilising light. I also love the way Andres Rodriguez captures such perfect shots of people in one take. 


What are your top 3 life goals?

 Love - which I have found,

to be a prime-time presenter (I’ll get there!),

and to one day be able to do something amazing for my parents. 

*            *            *

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