Tips on applying to become a model

Tips on applying to become a model

Tips on applying to be a model!

Here at RMG, we receive around 100 applications a day, so whilst it's important to stand out to us, it's also important to follow some simple steps to make your application most likely to be successful!

Filling out your application
1) Fill out your stats correctly- With your correct measurements, we instantly have a great idea of where you'll sit within our agency before we even get to your images.

2) Tell us about relevant modelling experience; We don't need to know that someone took a picture of you when you were drunk in Ibiza (and we definitely don't need to see that picture)

3)It's ok to have little (or no) experience. Often models have zero experience but we can see that they have the right look and/or right attitude to become a model just from their pictures.


Kirsty H- Commercial Female & Russell Short- Commercial Male 

Uploading Images

1)Upload 3 different pictures- We ask for 3 so we can see a full range from you (e.g. one headshot, one body and one snapshot) We don't want the same picture 3 times!

2)Make sure you're fresh faced(little or no make-up) in at least one picture

3)Show us your experience- If you've mentioned in your application that you've done a photoshoot, we'd like to see images from that.

4)Show us at least one smiling picture- as a Commercial agency, a lot of our clients like to see a smiling picture, and so do we!

5)Give us a range of poses/faces to look at- This is your chance to show us what you can do, the bigger range you show us, the most likely you'll be accepted


 It's best to avoid

- Screenshots of your Snapchat story
- Naked pictures
- Covering your face with hair or accessories!

Sit Back & Relax
Now you've completed the perfect application, just sit back and wait for us to respond. Maybe have a cup of tea, you earned it.
Also don't worry if you don't hear back immediately, we will get back to you!

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