Lights of Soho

Lights of Soho

In the build up to Valentine's day, Lights of Soho have launched an incurably romantic and cheeky collection of neon lights, based solely on the theme of love.

I am quite unromantic so normally this level of fawning and unadulterated love would send me running for the hills, but I wanted to see the collection and there was just enough satire and irony in the show that I really enjoyed it.


In the midst of it's dark bar setting, the lights glow out bearing a variety of different slogans and pictures, some more dirty than others, and I'm sure on Valentine's day it will be the most sickening place in London to be, but as of January 30th it was a great place to visit!



This tongue-in-cheek sign is inlaid on a wall of roses, and really sets the tone of the collection; a sickeningly romantic rose covered wall with a contrastingly direct question glowing out of the dark.

The trick behind this exhibition is that if you're madly in love, you'll love it and if you're staunchy anti-romance, you'll love it too. It has a universal approach that provides an entirely different experience depending on your viewpoint.

So head on down, and feel the love


Lights of Soho
35 Brewer Street
London W1F 0RX

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