Are facial massages in your skincare regime?

Are facial massages in your skincare regime?

In recent months, everyone’s becoming their own facialist. Whether it be due to boredom, or the fact that salons and spas have been closed because of the pandemic, consumers are investing in products that enable them to still have the salon experience, while in the comfort of their own home.

In February, a study conducted by The Sunday Times showed nearly 40% of women noticed dryer skin and more wrinkles. Not ideal with an increasingly digital lifestyle.

Many found comfort in adopting a self-care routine, and it became a welcoming distraction during lockdown. But as we remerge post-pandemic, will homecare routines keep their popularity or will professional treatments reign supreme?

Whatever happens, one thing can be certain, that with all the spare time on our hands, it gave us the time to give ourselves that extra bit of TLC and our focus on good skin is here to stay.  

According to research by Mintel, a fifth of British women are spending longer on their beauty routines than ever. But though sales for skincare products increased significantly last year, women had to rely on what they’ve seen from influencers, rather than getting the right information from a specialist in person.

The pandemic has made a few lasting impacts on the industry. Consumers will be harder to tempt into stores, especially with the rise of e-commerce and will be re-evaluating their priorities. Buying less for the better.

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